2013 U.S. Open at Merion Betting- A Plethora of Prop Bet Looniness

Along with one of golf’s biggest tourneys of the season comes ah yes, a plethora of prop bets.  There’s the standard “Will Tiger Woods finish in the Top 5 this week?” and “What score will Rory McIlroy make on the first hole on Thursday?” etc…and then there’s those of the super loony type.  For the purpose of this blog, I present to you, the 2013 U.S. Open prop bet looniness brought to you by Bovada (with of course the majority of them being Tiger Woods bets):

– “Rory McIlroy Special- To shoot par or better on every hole in the 1st round” Yes +5000 (50/1)- First of all Bovada, it’s not “shoot par or better,” you don’t “shoot a par” on a hole, you “shoot a 72” for the round, not “shoot a 4” for the hole.  And oh yeah, there is precisely a 0.0% chance that Rory goes bogey free in round 1.

– “Will Tiger Woods Shoot A Hole In One?” +10000 (100/1)- Again with the shooting!  It’s not “shoot a hole in one” you dimbats, it’s “get a hole in one.”  Ugh.  Anyway, betting on just one player to get a hole in one in a tourney is akin to driving down the highway and just throwing benjamins straight out the window, especially when 3 of the 4 par 3s for the week are over 235 yards.

– “Tiger Woods Special- To make an eagle in tournament” +250 (5/2)- Such a ridiculous sucker bet.  There are only two par 5s this week- the 556 yard 2nd hole and the 628 yard 4th hole.  Tiger can certainly reach the 2nd hole in two, but with wet conditions no one other than a pink shafted Bubba will getting home on hole 4.  Hole 10 at 303 is driveable, but to think in 8 chances (if he makes the cut) he’ll make either a deuce on hole 10 or a 3 on hole 2 is just silly.

– “Tiger Woods Special- To get disqualified” +5000 (50/1)- Should’ve been DQ’d at the Masters for dropgate on Friday, could’ve been DQ’d at the PLAYERS for that cheating drop on 14, but come on, this is more of a joke than anything and quite hilarious that they actually have odds on it.

– “Tiger Woods Special- To Shoot an Albatross” +20000 (200/1)- Last I checked, hunting Albatrosses (Albatri?) was illegal.  Such a ridiculous proposition. #RareBird

– “Tiger Woods Special- To be bogey free all event” +500000 (500/1)- If this happens, I will jump on the back of an Albatross, fly straight to your house and hand pay you for your win.

Click here for the full prop bet list from Bovada and remember, gambling is illegal at Bushwood.


Joel Harrington


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