Phil Mickelson Dropped the Scottish Open Trophy! #AllTooFitting

Phil Mickelson and links golf have never really quite gotten along, that is until he captured the Scottish Open on Sunday, his first victory on European soil since the first year of the Clinton administration.  So, it would only be fitting that Phil would fumble his way into victory, which he so crazily did by 3-putting from 25 feet (including a missed 6-footer for the win), before dazzling us all with a brilliant wedge shot that set up the tap-in winning birdie.

So, what else did Phil do on Sunday that was notable?  Well, not only did he fumble his first attempt at the winning putt, but he also butterfingered the trophy during the awards ceremony.  That’s right, Phil dropped the Scottish Open trophy!  If ever there was a more fitting player and moment to drop a trophy, I haven’t seen it, because after Phil’s career-long struggle with links golf it was just so hilariously fitting to see him send that trophy tumbling to the ground.

Kudos to his daughter Amanda for a valiant effort in attempt to save the drop, albeit to no avail.  Hey Phil, if you do actually win the Claret Jug, use two hands please.

Joel Harrington

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