4 Deep Golf Blog is your source for PGA Tour, European Tour and hey, even some LPGA Tour picks, previews, analysis, honest criticism, news, opinions, as well as golf course + equipment reviews and more.  This isn’t just another golf website, but rather a plethora of in-depth analysis and all-out awesomeness.  Everyone sees the scoring updates on pgatour.com, knows who won last week’s golf tourney, can tell you that Rickie Fowler loves to wear pumpkin orange on Sundays, etc… but while other sites focus on re-hashing the past, we focus on what’s coming up next.  Picks, predictions, previews and analysis of the week ahead are what set us apart from those other guys.  If there’s anything we’ve ever learned in life, it’s that it’s never good to be “those” guys, so we set ourselves apart by fearlessly looking forward.  If you’re looking for a site to simply tell you scores, what transpired last week and for a nice-y nice mushpot of fake-smiling at every player on Tour, we shall send you to nearly any other golf site on this thing they call the internet.  If you’re looking for straight up analysis, fearless predictions, a DEEP delve into the Tour with tons of info you’ve never been exposed to, honest and fair criticism and of course, some well-placed and witty humor- well my friends, you’ve come to the right place.  So, sit back and get your popcorn ready, it’s going to be a show.

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