BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Garcia Actually Shows Some Emotion On the Golf Course

Folks, you better sit down.  Sergio Garcia, if only for a brief second, has come out of his sheltered, emotionless, woe-is-me, bitchy, moany, whiny, crabby attitude and actually showed some emotion.  Again, if only for a moment.

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Guess Who Is At Augusta Following Tiger- Not That Surprising, But Well Worth the Look

In a surprise to almost no one, Lindsey Vonn is at Augusta National following her boyfriend Tiger Woods at the Masters this week.

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The Masters TV Coverage- Less Is More, But Wow Does Less Suck

Without question, the green jackets at Augusta National have done a notably impressive job over the past couple years of adding additional avenues of exposure for us, the viewing public.  Online live streaming video of Amen Corner, holes 15+16, a featured group, the driving range, the interview room and more are available on throughout the week of the tourney.  But, I dang well know that I speak for the masses when I say in high chorus that we all are CRAVING more!

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Augusta National Announces Winners of Fall Events Now to Receive Masters Invites + Other Changes- Kudos to the Green Jackets

In his annual pre-tournament news conference today, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne announced that starting next year, all PGA Tour champions from tournaments with full point allocations will receive invitations to that following year’s Masters tournament.

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Check Out My Masters Preview ESPN 99.1FM Radio Interview

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