From the Department of Sheer Randomness, I Present to You the “Slice, Slice, Baby” Golf Video #25YearsLaterItsStillKindaFunny

Yep, we all remember Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice and his hip hoppin’ hit Ice Ice Baby from nearly 25 years ago.  Not gonna lie, when I’ve had multiple libations and I’m in an “appropriate” venue well past sundown, I don’t mind when the ol’ Vanilla beat comes on so I can bust into some ’80’s rap (shamefully I still do know all of the lyrics to that song).   [Read more…]

Texas High School Player Finishes Career With Walkoff Hole-In-One #ExclamationPoint

I’m definitely not a big fan of exclamation points,, as I feel they’re way too overused nowadays in our society!!!!! (bet you can sense the sarcasm there).  Basically, if you use exclamation points in 92% of your sentences like all too many people do, consider yourself towards the bottom of the career potential totem pole in my book [Read more…]

Sergio Garcia Chips In At the Wells Fargo Championship… From On the Green…From Just Six Feet Away #Really

Yep, Quail Hollow’s greens this week appear to have leprosy, acne, or something that would require a heavy dosage of Accutane to heal them.  Ok, that obviously was quite harsh, but the surfaces at this week’s Wells Fargo Championship basically look like a doggy park at the end of a busy day- sh*t everywhere.   [Read more…]

A 12-Year-Old Will Be Playing In the European Tour Event This Week- He Was Born In the Year 2000!

A 12-year-old toddler will be teeing it up on the European Tour in this week’s Volvo China Open.  That’s right, it’s the year 2013 and a dude who wasn’t BORN until the 21st century will be playing in a professional golf event. [Read more…]

Vijay Singh Let Off the Hook For Deer Antler Spray Usage

Vijay Singh has been let off the hook by the PGA Tour after dousing himself repeatedly with deer antler spray last fall.  Yep, without any history before reading that first statement, your eyebrows may have been furrowing a wee bit.

[Read more…]