Bethpage Black to Host ’19 PGA Championship and ’24 Ryder Cup #TigerWillNearlyBeOnChampionsTour

One thing European fans have consistently one-upped us American fans on over the past several Ryder Cups is the chanting, unity and raucous cheering.  Ok, so that’s not to say that the Medinah crowd last year wasn’t rowdily cheering for the red, white and blue all week long, but no doubt about it, the Euro’s and their ole, ole, ole cheers and other chants have their players bursting with Euro pride, leading them to all too many victories the past couple decades.  So, if there’s an American city that can provide some of the most voracious cheering along with hey, maybe even a little heckling, it’s where?  Ah yes, NYC baby.  Yep, the Ryder Cup is coming to New York.

According to this Golfweek report, the 2024 Ryder Cup will be hosted by Bethpage Black.  Yep, that Bethpage Black, the one where Tiger Woods won the ’02 Open over Phil Mickelson…and yeah where Lucas Glover (or as I like to refer to him as his bizarro world name- Glucose Lover) won the ’09 U.S. Open with far less fanfare.  The report also cites that the 2019 PGA Championship will be coming to Bethpage, making it another one of those courses to cross from USGA lines over to PGA (Hazeltine National, et al).

Bethpage Black is located in Long Island, NY and is the course with that famous “extremely difficult” sign on the first tee warning golfers that it’s only intended for “highly skilled golfers.”  Due to their bizarre tee time lottery, there has been many stories written over their years of Joe 6-pack sleeping in his car in the Bethpage parking lot the night before in hopes of snagging a tee time the next morning.

How far away are the matches in 2024?  Well, Tiger will be just over a year away from the Champions Tour (Tiger as a possible captain for the ’24 matches perhaps? His post-HGH riddled body will surely be almost completely broken down by then, signaling the near end of his playing days), Phil Mickelson will be 64, Tom Watson will be 74, Sergio Garcia will be 44 and Keegan Bradley will be 38.  Hey, even Guan Tianlang might be old enough to legally buy a drink by then! (of course he’ll be playing in the Presidents Cup though).

So yeah, a long ways away, but absolutely the ideal site to host a Ryder Cup in the states in my opinion.  Let’s just hope that we can win a Cup or two between now and then…

Joel Harrington


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