Bridgestone Golf- Can Someone Explain Compression To Me? Lee Trevino Is A Classic!

There seem to be a full bevy of great commercials on tv lately, but this one may just take the cake as the wow-this-is-hilarious-I-have-to-instantly-share-this-with-my-friends winner of them all.

As you’ll see below, this Bridgestone commercial starts as a male golfer walks into a pro shop asking if someone can explain compression to him.  Hilariously, David Feherty is behind the counter and grabs Davis Love III to explain the concept of compression to him.  Naturally, the guy is in awe that DLIII is there to serve him.

Next steps in a beautiful woman, who walks up to the pro shop counter asking Feherty if someone can explain compression to her.  Feherty stumbles a second while he attempts to come up with a response, while notable PGA Tour players Nick Price, Fred Couples, Brandt Snedeker and Matt Kuchar all attempt to interject from the background to try to offer their explanations to this good looking lady.  Then suddenly (and fittingly), Lee Trevino pokes through the group, walks over to the woman and tells him that he’ll explain compression to her as he walks her away from the others with his arm on her shoulder.  Lee caps it off with an icing-on-the-cake wink for the crew at the end as he turns the corner of the shop.

See for yourself in the video below.  Classic stuff Bridgestone!

Joel Harrington

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