Bubba Watson Freaks Out On His Caddie At the Travelers Championship- Video #PinkShaftedSpaz

Bubba Watson is a spaz.  Sorry, there’s no two ways about it.  Even though it’s been all too easy to forget about his past meltdowns previous to his Masters victory, media darling adoption and General Lee purchase, the dude has some serious wires crossed in that moppy-haired brain of his. Case in point was the final round of yesterday’s Travelers Championship.

Fast forward to the 16th tee during Sunday’s final round, where Bubba held a two stroke lead.  Bubba selected 9-iron off the tee in the gusty conditions and came up short in the water.  Following the tee shot, Bubba sharply barked at his caddie, “Water. It’s in the water. That club. Yes, the water.”  Then, after airmailing his shot from the drop zone over the green, Bubba freaked out on his caddie yelling, “So you’re telling me that’s the right yardage?!?!”  It was a painfully awkward moment to even watch on tv, let alone what caddie Ted Scott must’ve been feeling catching the brunt of it.

Following his missed double bogey putt, Bubba said, “there’s just no reason for me to show up.”  No clue what that meant, just a very juvenile and pathetic thing to say during a tournament full of professional golfers on national television.

Major kudos to David Feherty calling out Bubba during his meltdown.  Feherty said, “wait a minute….wait a minute….hey, you hit it bud!” as Bubba was chewing out his caddie after the drop zone shot.

After the round, Bubba of course played down the incident(s) with the media, and not surprisingly took to Twitter to say, “Picked the wrong club on the 16th hole. But it was still a great week. Thanks to the fans & Travelers for another great tourney!”  It was a step back in the right direction (likely highly persuaded by his agent and/or publicist), but nevertheless, it didn’t erase the nasty moment.

Bubba is clearly one of the most exciting players to watch play on the course, but with that pink-shafted driver comes an attitude that just needs to go.

Joel Harrington

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