Ron Burgundy shows off his golf swing on the Dan Patrick Show #Anchorman2 #StayClassy

The movie sure to be the biggest letdown/worst sequel in years is about to be released upon us- Anchorman 2.  Don’t get me wrong, the first Anchorman was legendary, I still quote it frequently with my buddies and bust into that my-apartment-smells-of-rich-mahogany deep Burgundy voice often while doing goofy things.  But, it can only go down from here, and if the previews are any indication of the “highlights” of the film, well, let’s just all be aware that we may have a Caddyshack 2 on our hands. #FlopCity [Read more…]

Tweeter (not Peter) Alliss posts a hilarious list of rules & regulations for Tiger’s World Challenge #TheMediasEndlessTigerLoveFest

The media’s love affair with Tiger Woods is undeniable.  Actually sickening might be the more appropriate term, particularly when referring to Golf Channel’s worship-fest towards everything Tiger.   [Read more…]

My Biggest Golf Pet Peeve #WhatClubDidYouHit

So I was playing in the Lyle Cran Shortstop at Stillwater CC in my hometown of Stillwater, MN this past weekend (1st flight champ!), and during Saturday’s qualifying round, I was reminded what my biggest pet peeve in golf is-  Let me explain. [Read more…]

Jerry Seinfeld Pokes Fun At Golf On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon- Video

I’ve always been a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan and I’m not afraid to say that I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode dozens of times and can quote basically any scene at any time.  Yep, I’m definitely “that guy.” [Read more…]

Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Some Serious Fun at Tiger Woods Over His New Nike Mega Deal

Well, considering that Tiger Woods used to consistently rank atop Forbes highest-paid athletes list, and is now back on the greenback mountain top,  he’s highly open to scrutiny from all media types, even from those outside the golfing world.  Such was the case recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show, as Jimmy was discussing the new mega deal that Tiger is about to sign with Nike.   [Read more…]