So Farmers Insurance and Rickie Fowler have delivered us a couple episodes of “Dick Fowler, P.I.,” and it’s downright hilarious #DickFowlerPIStache

So Rickie Fowler, you know, the 24-year-old player in his 4th season on the PGA Tour who has only won once, has only one top 10 since March, only plays in 22-23 events per year and is one of the most popular players on Tour- yeah, that guy- has officially released some of the funniest commercials on Tour to date. [Read more…]

Bubba Watson Tees It Up On A Keyboard At ESPN HQ #KeyboardFlophouse

So Bubba Watson, you know, the guy who freaked out on his caddie right on camera this summer while in contention at the Travelers Championship and also the guy who recently dropped a nickel buying a group of randoms some free Chipotle, recently visited ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, CT and gave us this little video gem. [Read more…]

Rickie Fowler and His One Career PGA Tour Victory is in an ESPN Sportscenter Ad #PaysToWearOrange

So hey, how do you get a Sportscenter commercial after winning just one PGA tour event?  Well, by being a recognizable, cult-following, apparel-selling machine like Rickie Fowler, that’s how.   [Read more…]

European Tour Players Try to Hit an Easy Chip Shot While Wearing A Blindfold- Video

Even with the advent of HD TV, watching the European Tour still makes me feel like I’m watching replays from back in the ’80’s.  It just seems old-fashioned every time that I watch, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning. [Read more…]

Check Out Rory McIlroy vs “Jeff” the Talking Robot In This Hilariously Fantastic European Tour Commercial

There’s been a bevy of fantastic golf commercials of late, with my favorite being the Bridgestone “compression” commercial, but this one may just take the cake.   [Read more…]