Jason Dufner Wins the PGA Championship Ball-Strikin’-Jesse Style #Dufnering #Wanamakering

First there was Dufnering, now there’s Wanamakering.  Yep, the Duf man is now a major champion. [Read more…]

Jason Dufner Celebrates His PGA Championship Win By Grabbing His Wife’s Butt #Dufnering #Wanamakering

Hey Jason Dufner, congratulations, you just won the PGA Championship!  How would you like to celebrate?  Oh, how about an ass grab of your hot wife (see above pic, trust me, there was a squeeze in there)….while making her hold your dip tin (below).   [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Decides to Leave Driver Out of the Bag Again This Week at the PGA Championship #IfItAintBrokeDontFixIt

Phil Mickelson’s Achilles heel has always been accuracy off the tee.  It’s what makes the “What Will Phil Do Next?” saying so appropriate.  So, Phil announced today that he again will go without a driver in the bag this week for the PGA Championship.   [Read more…]

Listen In To Joel Harrington’s Interview On ESPN 99.1FM Talking All Things PGA Championship

Click here to listen in to my interview with ESPN 99.1FM as I talk all things PGA Championship with host Jeff Harkness. [Read more…]

2013 PGA Championship Picks + Predictions Plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #GlorysLastShot

The PGA Tour’s major championship schedule brings us some welcomed consistency each and every year- First it’s the Masters and Augusta National’s true phrase of “A Tradition Unlike Any Other.”  Then, it’s the U.S. Open and the game’s toughest test.  [Read more…]