Check Out Rory McIlroy vs “Jeff” the Talking Robot In This Hilariously Fantastic European Tour Commercial

There’s been a bevy of fantastic golf commercials of late, with my favorite being the Bridgestone “compression” commercial, but this one may just take the cake.  

The European Tour gives us Rory vs the robot, except that it’s not just any robot- it’s Jeff the talking sassy pants robot.  Jeff challenges Rory to a driving range showdown, where the two attempt to hit balls into washing machines at various distances.  The best part of it is the playful banter between the two and the one-liners that come with it, namely the robot saying, “losing to a robot is a bit like losing to Martin Kaymer.”  Or a little fun jab saying, “Tiger Woods would’ve been home with his feet up by now.”  Ah, classic stuff.

Check it out for yourself in the video below.  Hope the PGA Tour takes note.

Joel Harrington

For another great commercial of Euro Tour players hitting chip shots blindfolded, click here.

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