David Feherty Says Phil’s Final Round at Muirfield “Ranks Right Up There With the Greatest Final Rounds of All-Time”

One of my least favorite things about major championships is suffering through the mainstream media pretending like they know a lick about golf while trying to cover results or analyze what happened (Jason Whitlock in particular  #CluelessClown)

The Dan Patrick Show and his the-Monday-after interviews with CBS and Golf Channel’s David Feherty are a definite exception.  DP is not an insider golf guru, but does know more than the average mainstream Joe about the game, and when he has Feherty on his show, the two light it up together.  Such was the case on Monday after this year’s British Open.

Among other things in the interview, Feherty said that Phil’s final round “ranks right up there with the greatest final rounds of all-time,” as “Muirfield was right on the hairy edge of unplayable.”  He also jokingly said the question almost should’ve asked, “who are you and why are you wearing Phil Mickelson’s clothes” after seeing Phil play so steadily and manage his game so well on Sunday (since Phil is typically such an aggressive and unpredictable player).

Feherty also went on to predict that Tiger will win another major, saying, “The next one that he wins is going to be the most important one of his career, and I think he will win it…If you look at his comeback, it’s been very gradual.”  He also went on to say, “I think the only mistake you can make with Tiger Woods is to doubt him” and that he believes that Tiger has more majors left in him to win than Phil (Tiger is 37, Phil is 43).

We all know that Tiger still has not hoisted a major championship trophy since his infamous 2008 victory at Torrey Pines over Rocco Mediate, but it’s not that he hasn’t come close.  Sunday’s t-6th finish at Muirfield was Tiger’s ninth top 6 finish in a major since 2009, and second of this season (Masters, British Open).  As many of you know by now I am not a Tiger fan, but I absolutely do believe that he will win another major and thought the hello to number 15 would be last week at Muirfield.


Watch full video of Feherty’s interview with Dan Patrick by clicking here.

Joel Harrington

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