Fred Couples Punctuates World Golf Hall of Fame Induction Speech By Saying “This Is the Coolest Night of My Life.”

Say what you will about the World Golf Hall of Fame and its controversial and seemingly arbitrary selection process, but when it comes down to it, it’s a special night for the game each year.  This year, Mr Lifelong “cool” Fred Couples was inducted, and this time, it was Fred himself who used that very word- cool.  

The 53-year-old Freddy gave a great speech, as to be expected, but at the end it was apparent that the magnitude of the moment had finally caught up with him.  Freddy was about to exit the stage when he punctuated his speech by saying, “Thanks for taking a kid from Seattle and putting him the Hall of Fame.  This is the coolest night of my life.”  – The last part coming as he burst into tears (video below).

It’s yet another memorable and defining moment from a memorably awesome career. Congrats Freddy.

Joel Harrington

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