Golf Channel Feherty Show Season 3 Episode 5 With Bobby Knight- Exclusive “Out of Bounds” Clips, Outtakes and More

Who says Golf Channel interviews have to exclusively be with golf figures?  In the fifth episode of Feherty Season 3, Feherty interviews the legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight at his home in Texas.  Catch some exclusive never-before-seen “Out of Bounds” clips below including what Bobby Knight actually thinks of the NBA, which Tour players he admires and more:

Knight Interviews Feherty – Out of Bounds Clip
Bobby Knight turns the tables on Feherty by interviewing him in this exclusive clip from Feherty.


Why Knight Avoided the NBA – Out of Bounds Clip
Knight gives his opinions about the NBA.


Knight’s Passion for Education – Out of Bounds Clip
Knight tells Feherty where his passion for education stems from.


Tour Players Knight Admires – Out of Bounds Clip
Knight tells Feherty which Tour players he admires.


Feherty Episode Five – Outtakes
See all of the hilarious outtakes from the fifth episode of Feherty.

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