Greg Norman Calls Tour’s Drug Testing “Disgraceful” – It’s Time To Get That (Finger) Pricking On

Never one to bite his tongue on any topic, Greg Norman is making headlines again for some off course comments, this time for his candid thoughts on golf’s anti-doping procedures to which he called “disgraceful.”

Back in his native Sydney, Australia this past weekend for some course design work, Norman was reached by an Australian newspaper and was quoted as saying, “How deep it is (golf’s drug problem), I have no idea because we only do urine analysis instead of blood testing.  If you really want to be serious about it and find about what’s really going on, we need to do blood testing.  I think it’s disgraceful to tell you the truth.  The golf associations have to get together and step it up.”

Currently, the PGA Tour only conducts urine tests, which failed to detect Vijay Singh’s deer antler spray usage (contains a banned growth hormone substance) several months back (Singh admitted using the substance in an interview in January).   The only way to detect deer antler spray usage is by doing blood tests, to which Norman had to say “…if you really want to be serious about it and find about what’s really going on, we need to do blood testing…it’s a pinprick for a player and you find out what’s going on.  If you’re the head of golf or any sport, if you’re the commissioner for a sport, it’s your responsibility to make sure your sport is clean…That should be your number one priority.”

Frankly, even though Norman’s comments do get a bit tiresome (see his “World Tour” idea, his comments on the equipment regulations, etc…), I completely agree with him here.  Yes, golf is not the NFL, MLB or NBA, but these are professional athletes playing on the highest level, and it should be ensured that it’s a completely level playing field.  The Tour took its first step several years back in instituting the urine testing, but if that level of testing isn’t catching every banned substance, what good is it doing?  It’s time to get with the times boys, get that (finger) pricking on.

Joel Harrington



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