Ian Poulter Gives Driver to Young Fan On 18th Tee After Disappointing Week at The Masters

Englishman Ian Poulter, he of the Lamborghinis, snazzy pants and wild looks played some rubbish golf over the first two days at Augusta National and missed the cut at this year’s Masters.  The rough week was his first missed cut anywhere in 20 months and his first ever at the Masters.

According to Ian’s Twitter account, Ian drove the ball terribly for two days and didn’t hole any putts.  Yep, not a good combo anywhere, especially at Augusta.  Ian was in fact so frustrated and fed up with his poor play that he straight up handed his Cobra driver to a young fan on the 18th tee (see above pic).  Now, don’t mind that the kid clearly was dressed head-to-toe as a mini-Rickie Fowler, but hey, a free driver from Ian Poulter isn’t so bad either.  Poulter had the following to say on Twitter after the round about his driver donation:

Ian Poulter driver tweet

A cool moment for the young fan, even if the club is long enough for it to be a belly-length driver for the kid.

Joel Harrington

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