Jason Dufner Wins the PGA Championship Ball-Strikin’-Jesse Style #Dufnering #Wanamakering

First there was Dufnering, now there’s Wanamakering.  Yep, the Duf man is now a major champion.

In our what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society, it’s easy to over-rank recent events ahead of historic ones as hey, they’re more vivid in our aging memories.  As far as ranking Jason Dufner’s ball-striking performance from this past week, it was nothing short of legendary.

Ok, so his stats may not have fully shown it, but Duf’s tee-to-green action this past week was some of the best that we’ve ever seen.  His Friday 63 tied the all-time major championship scoring record (golfing gods are sure doing a helluva job keeping anyone away from a 62) and yet Sunday’s 68 in those firm conditions with the ultimate pressure in the golfing world may have been even better.

Nearly every tee shot was stripe-city down the fairway, and those that missed found just the first cut of rough.  Iron after iron was flag-high all day long, leaving him pressure-free 10-15 footers again and again.  That type of distance control is challenging playing Golden Tee, let alone in real life under major championship pressure.  For a guy who modeled his swing after Ben Hogan, even Hogan may have looked past the shaggy-hair and floppy hat and given Duf a thumbs up on that ball-strikin’-Jesse performance (thank you Mark Lye for that phrase).

As for his victorious celebration on the 72nd hole, it was just patented Duf-man, as a tap-in, followed by gentle mini-fist pumps and a wry small was all that we got.  Ok, he also did grab his wife’s ass on national tv too…while she was holding his dip tin.

Congrats to the Duf man on his first major championship victory.  From Dufnering to Wanamakering.

Joel Harrington

P.S. From Dufner, to Furyk, to Zach and to Phil as a bust, it was a mighty good week for tourney picks from yours truly.

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