Jeff Overton DQ’d From Colonial For Using Putting Alignment Device During Third Round, Blames Official #BoomBabyDQ

In a season that’s been seemingly nothing but chalk full of illegal drops, rain delays, anchoring, deer antler spray, fried chicken and other bizarro world stories, it only seems fitting that we’d have yet another rules issue here this week at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at historic Colonial CC.  Except, this one is different.   This one actually is a cut and dry case.  

Jeff Overton was disqualified during the third round of the Colonial for using a putting alignment device as he made the turn.  PGA Tour officials confirmed that Overton violated Rule 14-3/10.3 while waiting to tee off on the 10th hole.  After holing out on the 9th green, Overton went over to the practice green and used the device, causing the DQ.

Here’s an explanation of the rule:

Q. During a stipulated round, a player uses a rod to check his alignment or his swing plane. What is the ruling?

A. The player is disqualified under Rule 14-3 as the rod is unusual equipment and such use, during the stipulated round, is not permitted. Carrying the rod is not, of itself, a breach of a Rule.

Cut and dry as you can see.  Rules official Mark Russell says the DQ was unfortunate, but that the rule is “clear as day.”

Overton followed his DQ up with these tweets:


Sorry Jeff, while it may have been unfortunate that the official allegedly told you that you could practice your short game while waiting your turn on the 10th tee, the official didn’t tell you to use an artificial alignment aid.  Note that he also didn’t tell you to tweak the lie angle of your driver, to cut the length of your putter, to douse yourself in deer antler spray or to eat any fried chicken.  It’s your job to know the rules, pal.

Hopefully Jeff can use the rest of the long holiday weekend to do what he does best- take 110% practice swings.

Joel Harrington



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