Justin Rose penalized for practice swing divot colliding with his ball #ButYesterdayWasFridayThe13th

This year’s BMW Championship at Conway Farms will always be remembered for Jim Furyk’s 59, but a definite week of the bizarre is also on our hands.

First, Tiger Woods’ ball moved on the first hole on Friday as he was attempting to move a loose impediment, and since he denied the ball’s movement and didn’t replace it, it was a two stroke penalty.  The two stroke penalty turned an opening hole double bogey into a ghastly quadruple bogey, which with Tiger making a run on Saturday could be two key stroke’s by week’s end.

Then on Saturday, Nick Watney was penalized for his ball moving in the rough, although he actually (unlike Tiger) acknowledged its movement and replaced it, so it was only a one stroke penalty.

Then there’s Justin Rose, whose divot from his practice swing went flying into his ball, causing it to move.  The bad luck caused Rose to drop the club to the ground and have him put his hands on his hips in disbelief.  Since Rose replaced the ball (also unlike Tiger), it was only a one stroke penalty, but no doubt a very bad dose of misfortune.


Joel Harrington

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