Lee Trevino Wishes He Wouldn’t Have Been In Happy Gilmore Movie, We’re Glad He Was #GrizzlyAdamsDidHaveABeard

Forget those of us in just the golf world, Happy Gilmore is an all-time classic flick.  Heck, my sisters have hardly touched a club in their lives and can quote “looks like it’s breaking left- that’s because you only have one shoe on” and “a glass of shut the hell up” all day long.  I’m confident that I’ll be quoting those hilarious lines until I’m jumping onto the car hood of some young dude yelling “mista! mista!” myself when I’m old and grey.

Several of the classic moments in the movie came from PGA Tour legend Lee Trevino.  You know, correcting Shooter with “Grizzly Adams did have a beard.”

Well, Trevino, an El Paso, TX native was in Tyler, TX recently speaking at a University of Texas event when he was randomly asked about his cameo in the movie.  To our surprise, Trevino apparently wishes he could mulligan his way out of his appearance, as Trevino was quoted as saying, “If they were going to use all those foul words in there, I never would have done it,” he told local news channel CBS 19.  To quote Clarence from It’s A Wonderful Life, “you musn’t say such things” Lee!

Yep, there’s a lot of foul language in HG, but yowza, it’s hard to retract on any of the classic lines (“The price is wrong, bitch.”)  Good news is that what’s done is done, and we’re left with classic line after line.  Here’s a little dose of a reminder for hilarity’s sake.

Joel Harrington

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