Lee Westwood Changes Swing Coaches to Sean Foley, Pretends That’ll Actually Help Him Win #ThirdPlaceGoose

Since Lee Westwood can’t win anything seemingly other than a wannabe professional tournament in Indonesia, he has announced that he is switching swing coaches.  Ouch, right?  Well, sometimes the truth just plain hurts.

International Sports Management’s (ISM) Chubby Chandler confirmed that Lee has been working with swing instructor Sean Foley for a couple of weeks now.  Lee then confirmed the coach change with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis.

Foley of course is the swing instructor for Tiger Woods, U.S. Open champ Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan.  Lee said, “I’m seeing a better ball flight.  The positions in the golf swing feel a bit better” as if he’s suddenly already found something just a few weeks in with Foley.

No question about it, Lee has been a mega ATM machine over the course of his career, racking up top 10s and big checks week in and week out.  The one thing that he sucks at?  How about winning….not just winning a major, but winning anything.

Ok yeah, so he’s won 22 times on the European Tour in his career, but for the amount of attention that Lee gets it’s absurd how little he wins.  He has two PGA Tour victories in a 15 year career.  TWO.  The 1998 Freeport-McDermott Classic and the 2010 FedEx St Jude Classic.  All that’s missing in the Coors Light Open.

His defining career win was, well, has never happened.  I’m sorry, but when you play in hundreds of PGA Tour events over the course of your career and find yourself in contention as often as Lee does, it’s downright pathetic to not have won more often.  It all comes down to the short game with Lee, whether he admits it or not.  His ball-striking isn’t the issue, it’s his 10-handicap game on and around the greens.

First the life move to Florida was supposed to help (this past offseason) and now he’s changing swing coaches.  Each week it’s something different with Lee, as if he’s actually found the nads to win something, but ultimately he comes up empty time and again.

At age 40 the clock is ticking quickly, can’t wait to see what he changes next. #sarcasm

Joel Harrington

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