Lee Westwood Whiffs Shot On Saturday at TPC Sawgrass- Like Seriously, An All-Out Whiff

Sure, it’s fun to watch professional golf on television and see birdies and eagles, but absolutely, it’s sometimes fun to see the best players in the world struggle as well.  On Saturday at the PLAYERS Championship, Lee Westwood gave us a heavy dose of the latter, as while wedged up against a tree for his second shot, he whiffed.  Like…not a near miss, but a complete whiff.  

In watching the video below, you’ll see that Lee had a tree behind him, which caused him to attempt to alter the path of his backswing to make contact with the ball.  The easy play would’ve been to just hit a bump and run down the fairway and then attempt to get up and down from 50 yards are so, but Lee went for the green.  In watching the replay several times, it’s quite evident that Lee hit the tree on his downswing, therefore deflecting his club offline and a full whiff.

Lee’s reaction is comical.  Even though you gotta feel bad for the guy, you can’t help but laugh.  Check out the video below.

Lee ended up making double bogey on the hole, but then bounced back nicely with a birdie on the following hole.  A whiff double followed by a bird, quite the interesting start to a round.

Joel Harrington


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