14-Year-Old Tianlang Guan Penalized For Slow Play at The Masters With One Hole Remaining

Guan Tianlang

There are three reasons that people quit the game of golf- it's too difficult, too expensive and takes too long to play.  No question about it, they're all issues that are preventing our beloved game's growth.  Slow play, in my opinion, is the … [Continue reading]

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano’s Name Rolls Off the Tongue All Too Well, Must See Goofball Video

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano

I woke up feeling a little goofy this morning....as if that's any different than about any other day.  Anyway, so I thought I'd share with you all a little bit of my goofiness as hey, it's the Friday of the Masters, and we're all feeling a little … [Continue reading]

BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Garcia Actually Shows Some Emotion On the Golf Course

Sergio Garcia

Folks, you better sit down.  Sergio Garcia, if only for a brief second, has come out of his sheltered, emotionless, woe-is-me, bitchy, moany, whiny, crabby attitude and actually showed some emotion.  Again, if only for a moment. … [Continue reading]

Guess Who Is At Augusta Following Tiger- Not That Surprising, But Well Worth the Look

Lindsey Vonn at Augusta

In a surprise to almost no one, Lindsey Vonn is at Augusta National following her boyfriend Tiger Woods at the Masters this week. … [Continue reading]

The Masters TV Coverage- Less Is More, But Wow Does Less Suck

Masters tv coverage

Without question, the green jackets at Augusta National have done a notably impressive job over the past couple years of adding additional avenues of exposure for us, the viewing public.  Online live streaming video of Amen Corner, holes 15+16, a … [Continue reading]