Tiger Woods Commits To Play Turkish Open In November #HeftyAppearanceFee

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has committed to play in this year's Turkish Open, an event that is part of the European Tour's final series of the year in November, which is attempting to mirror the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup.  The 78-man tournament will be played over the … [Continue reading]

Jeff Overton DQ’d From Colonial For Using Putting Alignment Device During Third Round, Blames Official #BoomBabyDQ

Jeff Overton Colonial DQ

In a season that's been seemingly nothing but chalk full of illegal drops, rain delays, anchoring, deer antler spray, fried chicken and other bizarro world stories, it only seems fitting that we'd have yet another rules issue here this week at the … [Continue reading]

Lee Trevino Wishes He Wouldn’t Have Been In Happy Gilmore Movie, We’re Glad He Was #GrizzlyAdamsDidHaveABeard

Lee Trevino Happy Gilmore

Forget those of us in just the golf world, Happy Gilmore is an all-time classic flick.  Heck, my sisters have hardly touched a club in their lives and can quote "looks like it's breaking left- that's because you only have one shoe on" and "a glass of … [Continue reading]

Feherty Show On Golf Channel “Missed Cut” Clips With Ken Venturi

Ken Venturi

Following Ken Venturi's recent passing, Golf Channel re-aired Feherty's interview with the legend.  Catch a few missed cuts here, as among other things Ken talks about The Masters and his service in the military with another golf legend. … [Continue reading]

The Ban Stands- USGA + R&A Announce Anchored Putter Ban Effective In 2016, My Bullet-Pointed Opinionated Analysis

Anchoring Ban

Today, the USGA + R&A both stated their plans to implement Rule 14-1b, which prohibits anchoring of the club during any swing or stroke.  This of course, will make the usage of a belly or long putter that is anchored at any point to a golfer’s … [Continue reading]