HP Byron Nelson Championship Preview, Picks + Predictions Plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week

Byron Nelson Classic

After a week in which NBC, Golf Channel, Tim Finchem and everyone involved straight up let Tiger Woods off the hook for a bad drop on the 14th hole on Sunday on his way to victory at the PLAYERS Championship, the PGA Tour heads back West to Texas for … [Continue reading]

Playing Lessons With the Pro’s On Golf Channel- Behind the Scenes Clips With Holly Sonders and Rickie Fowler

Holly Sonders Rickie Fowler

Each week, Holly Sonders goes on-course with one of the hottest players from the PGA, LPGA or Euro Tour.  Here are a couple of clips from the last episode with Rickie Fowler, including a behind the scenes look at Holly’s time with him, in addition to … [Continue reading]

Ashworth Is Spearheading A “Pants Petition” for the PGA Tour, Check Out This Great Commercial #pantspetition

Ashworth Pants Petition

I just finished playing a round of golf today where the temp was 87 degrees when I teed off and still in the low 80's when I finished.  I walked, carried my own clubs, wore short-sleeves and shorts and sweated like crazy.  It's days like today when … [Continue reading]

Tiger Woods Gets Away With A Bad Drop On Hole 14 During Final Round of The PLAYERS Championship- How In the Name of HD TV Did We Let This Happen…Again?!

Tiger Players Championship

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I wear tinfoil on my head.  Never has the thought of zapping myself with some wannabe time machine like Uncle Rico or Napoleon ever seemed tempting.  Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, onto some straight … [Continue reading]

Dan Hicks Wishes A Goose An Early Happy Mother’s Day On-Air During Third Round of The PLAYERS Championship

Dan Hicks Goose

On Saturday at the PLAYERS Championship, not only did we have a PGA Tour player completely whiff on a shot, we also heard NBC commentator Dan Hicks wish a goose an early Happy Mother's Day.   … [Continue reading]