Peyton Manning Shoots 77 at Augusta National #HoHum

So, it turns out that Peyton Manning is pretty good at golf too.  Following a hole-in-one at Castle Pines recently (man I miss the old International tournament that used to be held there btw), Peyton teed it up just a few days back at Augusta National with head coach John Fox and former Broncos great John Elway.

As for how Peyton fared, he fired a ho-hum score of 5-over 77 at the home of the Masters, which is quite stout regardless of which tee boxes they played (wasn’t reported).  As for Elway, yeah he fired a cozy 72, retirement clearly continues to not treat him too shabby.

So, next time you make fun of Peyton’s “noodle arm” on tv, just remember- his Broncos team will probably beat your team next time they play yours, and he also could likely kick your butt on the golf course.  Maybe those NFL off-seasons aren’t such a grind after all (just kidding).

Joel Harrington

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