Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki reportedly split up #NoMoreWozzilroy #GaryPlayerWillBeHappy

As seems to be the way with nearly all high profile celebrity-to-celebrity relationships, they all end sooner or later…and so straight from the predictable department, Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki have reportedly split up.  

Rumors began swirling back in August of a possible break up between the athletic duo, but after some endearing Tweets between the two, all seemed to be ok on the home front at that time.  That is until, Caroline decided to post the below twit pic of her bf zonked out after a long return flight home.

Rory McIlroy

Caroline Tweet

According to this Irish Independent report, this unflattering pic that Caroline sent to her more than half a million twitter followers didn’t go over so well with Rory:

Friends say a photograph posted by Caroline on Twitter, which showed her boyfriend in a deep sleep, was one of the final straws for the number-one golfer. One source said: “Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do.”

The relationship ended days after the picture had been posted to millions of fans online. But friends say Caroline is still struggling to accept that the pair have split up.

The Rory camp has been silent about the new, as when asked about the rumor his PR team did not deny the report, but instead remarked, “The Communications Clinic does not comment on Rory’s private life.”  Not to get all US Weekly on you all here, but one can probably safely assume that due to this lack of denial from his PR team and the two not yet taking Twitter to deny otherwise, that the report of the split is likely true.

Frankly, I’m happy for Rory as this was always bound to not end well.  I’m sorry, it’s just near impossible to build a lifelong, happy relationship between two high profile athletes both still attempting to be successful in their careers.  This is nothing but a good thing for Rory’s life and golf game.

Even though Rory has other distractions going on in his life, namely this messy lawsuit, I believe he is finally on the right track back to getting his game back in shape.  He showed glimpses of solid play towards the end of 2013 and clearly has the talent to ascend back to World #1 and add more major championship trophies to his mantle.  Expect big things from Rors in 2014.


Joel Harrington

P.S. Gary Player will be happy



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