Rory McIlroy Gives Us A Look Inside His Florida Mansion #WhiteOnWhite

So recently, the PGA Tour crew paid a visit to Rory McIlroy’s home (mansion) in Florida.  In the video below, you’ll see how Rory has decided to um….live in a big freaking white box.  Ok, so it’s the biggest, nicest white box I’ve probably ever seen but wow, it’s like he’s spending nights inside the Smithsonian or something.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of “home” in his house but hey, to each his own.

In the video, Rory talks about how he doesn’t do much cooking but when his Mom pays him a visit, she whips up some goodies in that rockin’ kitchen of his.  Also, he says how he didn’t want to live on a golf course as he likes to get away from the game when he’s home.

Also, apparently his girflriend Caroline Wozniacki gave him a pool table for Christmas.  Yeah, so that works (personally I like my $25 Qdoba gift card that I got better #justsayin).

So check out the video below, must be nice to be a former (and future) #1 player in the world with such a rockin’ pad at age 24.

Joel Harrington

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