So Matt Kuchar Hitchhiked His Way to Muirfield on Monday of British Open Week #Seriously

In the first truly bizarre story of (British) Open week, Matt Kuchar didn’t arrive by boat, train, plane, helicopter or his own car to Muirfield on Monday.  Well, he did arrive by car, just not by his own car.  

Apparently Kuch had a car set to pick him up from the farmhouse that he has rented for the week, but for one reason or another, the car didn’t come.  So, in the land of no cabs, rolling hills, nice Scottish folk and limited transportation options he did what he had to do to get to the course- he hitchhiked.

Kuch walked down the road and started to flag down cars, and eventually the smiley tall American drink of water got picked up by a random driver and was dropped off at Muirfield.  No word on what type of tip was involved.

The story is fantastically perfect for a player whom I have as a lockzilla pick for the week and for whom I expect to be in contention on Sunday (I can already picture Peter Alliss making some fantastically hilarious wise crack about Kuch sticking out his thumb at some point on the telecast this week).

Joel Harrington



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