Billy Horschel goes all Google Glass on us giving us a look inside the ropes #GoogleGlass

Without a doubt, Billy Horschel is one of the most fiery, electric, passionate players on the PGA Tour.  Think Dottie Pepper as a dude, and of course with octopus pants on.   [Read more…]

Billy Horschel Wins the Zurich Classic- Nothing Could Stop Billy Ho’s “Mo” This Week

What did you do following the last time you shot 85?  Ok, that might be a career best for some of you and I’m certainly not knocking you if it is, but let’s look at it like this- PGA Tour players aren’t supposed to shoot 85’s.  When they do it’s usually either stemming from an injury, some gale-forced British Open wind craziness or yet another annoying John Daly implosion (grow up already John).  In the case of Billy Horschel, the number became a surefire force of motivation.

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