Lee Westwood Changes Swing Coaches to Sean Foley, Pretends That’ll Actually Help Him Win #ThirdPlaceGoose

Since Lee Westwood can’t win anything seemingly other than a wannabe professional tournament in Indonesia, he has announced that he is switching swing coaches.  Ouch, right?  Well, sometimes the truth just plain hurts. [Read more…]

So Matt Kuchar Hitchhiked His Way to Muirfield on Monday of British Open Week #Seriously

In the first truly bizarre story of (British) Open week, Matt Kuchar didn’t arrive by boat, train, plane, helicopter or his own car to Muirfield on Monday.  Well, he did arrive by car, just not by his own car.   [Read more…]

2013 British Open TV Schedule #TheOpen

Here is the TV schedule for the 2013 British Open…excuse me, The Open Championship at Muirfield. Tough to beat 4am cell phone alarms, early morning naps on the couch coupled with some tea and crumpets, or bacon, eggs and grease on this side of the pond. [Read more…]

2013 British Open Preview, Picks + Predictions Plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #TheOpen

Ah yes, it’s here. THE (British) Open Championship. A quick side note that it always used to bug me when Cris Carter and other ethnocentric former Ohio State University grads would arrogantly announce, “THE Ohio State University” when naming their alma matter during their intros on Monday Night Football games; however, in the case of the The Open Championship, “THE” seems appropriate. [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Dropped the Scottish Open Trophy! #AllTooFitting

Phil Mickelson and links golf have never really quite gotten along, that is until he captured the Scottish Open on Sunday, his first victory on European soil since the first year of the Clinton administration.   [Read more…]