Shriners Hospitals For Children Open preview, picks + predictions, plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #VegasBaby

The tournament with the longest and most confusing name on the PGA Tour- The Childrens Shriners Hospitals For Childrens Shriners Cars Are Awesome Open For Hosptials Justin Timberlake’s Kids Open (hey, not making fun, just having fun—I know it’s for a great cause, it’s just a confusing name) is upon us once again, which means one thing- #birdieplethora. [Read more…]

Tiger Woods mails it in during first round of the Tour Championship: BOLD prediction- he’ll skip the Presidents Cup #HatesIt

Pouting, limping, wincing, grimacing and sarcastically laughing- things that you’d perhaps associate with your toddler son or daughter, or war veteran uncle, but not with the #1 player in the world.  Unfortunately for those of us watching at home, those words perfectly sum up Tiger Woods’ game and attitude during this year’s FedEx Cup Playoffs.   [Read more…]

PGA Tour releases official 2013-2014 season schedule, includes 45 FedEx Cup events #FortyFreakingFive #ThePerpetualGolfSeason

Just two weeks away from the end of the season, the PGA Tour has finally released its 2013-2014 season schedule.  Recall that this next season will be the Tour’s first wrap-around thingamabobber schedule, where the season starts in October and ends the following September.   [Read more…]