2013 Presidents Cup Preview + Predictions #InternationalsWin #UnderdogLock

Ah, the Presidents Cup.  Steeped in tradition, player passion and memories galore…..errrr, damnit, it’s not a Ryder Cup year so we’re stuck with this phony exhibition.  Anyway, since it’s the focus of the golfing world at the moment, let’s pretend that this is a big deal, for at least just a moment. [Read more…]

Jordan Spieth Should Be A Presidents Cup Captain’s Pick, Period. #TalentRich

So Jordan Spieth may not have won the Wyndham Championship yesterday and he also didn’t become the youngest player to reach two wins on the PGA Tour, but in my humble opinion he did officially lock up something of highly valued importance- a Presidents Cup captain’s pick. [Read more…]

Fred Couples Punctuates World Golf Hall of Fame Induction Speech By Saying “This Is the Coolest Night of My Life.”

Say what you will about the World Golf Hall of Fame and its controversial and seemingly arbitrary selection process, but when it comes down to it, it’s a special night for the game each year.  This year, Mr Lifelong “cool” Fred Couples was inducted, and this time, it was Fred himself who used that very word- cool.   [Read more…]