2017 The Greenbrier Classic Picks, Including the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #isitThursdayyet

I’m going to keep the write-up short this week (we all know about the devastating flood that swept through White Sulphur Springs last June—absolutely amazing what they’ve done in just 12 months time to get the course ready to host this week) and hop right into some picks: [Read more…]

2015 Greenbrier Classic picks + predictions, plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #isitThursdayyet

I wrote the following thoughts as my preview last year, and they’re so fitting that I’m rolling with them again for this year’s tourney preview- Here are the things that come to my mind when thinking of the Greenbrier:

–        Stuart Appleby (bizarro world name = Apple Stuartby) and his 59
–        A wicked awesome clubhouse and something about the Cold War [Read more…]