USGA and Merion Struggling With Logistics For 113th U.S. Open #PagingUPS

Not only do both the USGA and players have to worry about the overly wet host venue Merion course being in playable shape by Thursday’s first round, but some challenging and potentially crushing logistical issues exist as well. [Read more…]

2013 U.S. Open at Merion Preview, Picks + Predictions Plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week

Ah the U.S. Open, where once per year we get to watch world class players chip out sideways from the rough, make double and triple bogeys galore and toss those sponsor-driven caps in disgust in all directions.  As long as Chris Berman isn’t involved in this year’s telecast, it’s going to be a great event. [Read more…]

2013 U.S. Open at Merion- Why the 6,996 Yardage Is A “Player Marketing” Mental Trick and How Merion Will Show Its Gnarly Teeth

When’s the last time you saw a retail store of any kind list a price as $20.00 instead of $19.99?  Or how about gas sold for $4.00 instead of $3.99?  It’s not that these businesses are laughing away those pennies, but rather they’re fully aware of the mental barrier of what adding that extra penny onto the price does to consumer’s mindsets.   [Read more…]

U.S. Open at Merion Ticket Prices Have Skyrocketed to Double or Even Triple the Original Face Value #RoadtoMerion

Over the past decade or so, ticket prices for many sporting events have plummeted.  The sluggish economy coupled with the advent of HD television have people staying home far more often to watch with their feet up on the sofa, rather than trekking across the country or even across town to first hand witness some sporting action (the beers are a lot cheaper at home too).   [Read more…]

2013 U.S. Open at Merion TV Schedule #isitThursdayyet

The 113th playing of the U.S. Open Championship will be held June 13th-16th at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, PA.  No doubt about it, we all love to watch the best players have their games tested on the highest level in the toughest conditions, which is exactly what the USGA brings to us in its annual showcase event. [Read more…]