Zach Johnson Takes Some Absurd Jabs at the USGA For Their Setup of Merion Following His Missed Cut- Definitely Reconsidering My Zach Fanhood

I’ve always been a Zach Johnson fan.  Not just because he’s an Iowa native, which happens to be the home state of my father and that of most his family, but because his polite and seemingly down-to-Earth attitude appeared to be a solid example of how a PGA Tour player should conduct himself on the golf course.   [Read more…]

Carl Pettersson’s Ball Gets Hit While In Middle of the Fairway By Stray Tee Shot During US Open at Merion- Video

So far at this year’s U.S. Open, we’ve seen a fan catch an errant Lee Westwood second shot, then that very same UPS-inator Lee Westwood doink one off a wicker basket well back down into the fairway and make double bogey, and now we’ve seen this. [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Shoots 67 at U.S. Open, Calls Merion “Best U.S. Open Setup I’ve Ever Seen” – But Here’s Why Phil Will Never Win The U.S. Open

It’s all shaping up just a little too perfectly- Phil Mickelson, golf’s ultimate family man, flew all the way across the country from Philadelphia to his home in San Diego to attend his daughter’s 8th grade graduation, then flew back to Philly and landed just 90 minutes before his tee time at Merion for the 113th U.S. Open early Thursday morning.   [Read more…]

2013 U.S. Open at Merion Betting- A Plethora of Prop Bet Looniness

Along with one of golf’s biggest tourneys of the season comes ah yes, a plethora of prop bets.   [Read more…]

Listen In to Joel Harrington On ESPN 99.1FM Talk All Things U.S. Open at Merion With Jeff Harkness

Click here to listen in to my radio interview on ESPN 99.1FM as I talk all things U.S. Open at Merion with host Jeff Harkness.   [Read more…]