2013 British Open Preview, Picks + Predictions Plus the Driver-Off-The-Deck BOLD Play of the Week #TheOpen

Ah yes, it’s here. THE (British) Open Championship. A quick side note that it always used to bug me when Cris Carter and other ethnocentric former Ohio State University grads would arrogantly announce, “THE Ohio State University” when naming their alma matter during their intros on Monday Night Football games; however, in the case of the The Open Championship, “THE” seems appropriate. [Read more…]

2013 British Open at Muirfield Betting Odds and Picks -Updated- #TheOpen

I know I’m not alone in saying I’m straight up stoked for British Open week to begin.  Tough to beat that 3:59am cell phone alarm, followed by a hey-I-just-dozed-off-here-on-the-couch-accidentally-what-did-I-miss-oh-wait-it’s-still-just-6:30am moment you get during British Open week.  It’s #TheOpen and it’s almost here. [Read more…]

Nick Faldo Says Tiger Has Realized He’s Just A “Mere Mortal” #MajorDrought

Five years and eleven days.  No, that’s not Guan Tianlang’s age, but rather the number of days since Tiger Woods won his last major.  Imagine the odds you could’ve gotten back in ’08 betting against he-who-is-without-peer to win exactly zero majors in the ensuing half decade.   [Read more…]

2013 British Open at Muirfield Betting Odds and Picks #TheOpen

With the U.S. Open wrapping up this past weekend, that only means one thing- it’s time to focus on those British Open betting odds!  This year’s British Open tees off on July 18th at Muirfield, and odds are in place for the season’s third major. [Read more…]