Here’s A Look at Phil Mickelson’s Five Runner-Up Finishes at the U.S. Open

If Phil Mickelson never wins another major, he’ll undoubtedly still go down as one of the top 10 or 15 golfers who ever lived.  His three green jackets and PGA Championship title put him among the greats of all time and certainly one of the top two or three of the past three decades.   [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Flies Back to San Diego On Tuesday of U.S. Open Week, Note That San Diego Isn’t Exactly Next Door to Philly

The old “What will Phil do next” line never ceases to amuse us.  Most recently, there was Phil shelving his driver in favor of a Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood as his big stick off the tee, but hey, that’s old news by now.  Today, well it’s Tuesday of U.S. Open week, and just where is Phil Mickelson?   [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Shelves Driver In Favor of Callaway 3Deep Fairway Wood #4DeepIsAlreadyTaken

So Phil Mickelson’s Phrankenwood experiment at this year’s Masters may not have gone as planned (#Phrankenshank), but judging by his results at last week’s FedEx St Jude Classic it appears that he’s close to having found a winning combo.  [Read more…]

Phil Mickelson Nearly Holes Approach Shot on 18th Sunday at FedEx St Jude Classic

Is there anyone in golf who gives us better expressions and reactions than Phil Mickelson?  The man who is arguably the most honest behind the mic on Tour also just might be the most honest and telling with his facial expressions on the course.   [Read more…]