What Happened In Germany This Week? Well, Ernie, Sergio and Paul Casey Milked a Cow…And Paulina Gretzky, Well, Wow

So this week’s BMW International Open on the European Tour in Munich, Germany gave us more entertainment than we were expecting.   [Read more…]

Sergio Garcia Says Tiger Woods Hasn’t Been Honest In 15 Years and That He’s Not Afraid of Him

The golf story that just won’t die is still living and breathing.  In fact, it seems to have gotten some $4.29 per gallon fuel thrown onto the fire.  Yep, the Tiger vs Sergio pissing match apparently is as hot and heavy as ever. [Read more…]

Sergio Garcia Chips In At the Wells Fargo Championship… From On the Green…From Just Six Feet Away #Really

Yep, Quail Hollow’s greens this week appear to have leprosy, acne, or something that would require a heavy dosage of Accutane to heal them.  Ok, that obviously was quite harsh, but the surfaces at this week’s Wells Fargo Championship basically look like a doggy park at the end of a busy day- sh*t everywhere.   [Read more…]

BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Garcia Actually Shows Some Emotion On the Golf Course

Folks, you better sit down.  Sergio Garcia, if only for a brief second, has come out of his sheltered, emotionless, woe-is-me, bitchy, moany, whiny, crabby attitude and actually showed some emotion.  Again, if only for a moment.

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