Thirteen Years Later, Tiger Woods’ Bunker Shot On the 72nd Hole of the Canadian Open May Have Gotten Even More Awesome #NukeDaddy

The year 2000 was arguably the most memorable season ever in golf history.  Three majors, nine total victories, one man- Tiger Woods.

The last, but certainly not least, victory of Tiger’s incredible 2000 season came in September at the Canadian Open.  Despite a slow start early in the week, Tiger roared back with an eagle-birdie-eagle-birdie stretch on Friday (-6 in 4 holes, not too shabby) to catapult his way into contention.  In fact, I specifically remember watching that tournament in my South Dakota State University dorm room and was so pumped up after seeing Tiger go on that insanely hot 4 hole stretch that I left a Post-It note for my roommate telling him what Tiger had done.  Ah, the things we did before cell phones.

Anyway, fast forward to Sunday where Tiger was tied with Grant Waite upon entering the par 5 18th hole.  After a blocked tee shot into the right fairway bunker, Tiger was left with 214 yards to the pin, which was dangling on the extreme right edge of the peninsula-like green with water short and to the right, and a bunker and long rough just beyond.  What Tiger did next just was impossibly awesome.

Pulling out a 6-iron, Tiger nuke-daddied the shot right over the top of the pin and onto the back fringe, just 20 feet from the hole.  Two putts later he carded a birdie and a victory by one for his ninth victory of the season, and just the second player to win the Triple Crown- the U.S. Open, the British Open and the Canadian Open in the same season (Lee Trevino was the other).

With 214 to the pin, we’re talking about 222 in the air with a 6-iron, from the sand no less.  Nowadays this doesn’t sound so out of the norm for some players, but folks, this was in the BPV1 era (before ProV1s), you know, the ball that basically is a Pinannacle that spins and which has 20-handicappers hitting 150 yard pitching wedges all around the park.  222 in the air with a 6-iron from the sand with a urethane-covered Nike ball is just absurd, but Tiger taught sure has caught us the absurd over the course of his career hasn’t he…both on and off the course.

So, this all leaves three burning questions:

– Where does this shot rank among Tiger’s best of all-time?
– Does the 2013 Tiger Woods pull this shot off?  Better yet, does he even attempt it?  (I say no to both)

What say you?

Joel Harrington


  1. HGH??

  2. What a legend! I think its def up there with the best of his shots for sure.

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