Thomas Bjorn Shatters Camera Lens With Errant Shot In First Round of the Open #80GrandOuch

Well, at least he didn’t pull a John Daly and smash it intentionally, but Thomas Bjorn’s errant shot on the first hole of this year’s Open at Muirfield was a mighty expensive one.

After driving his ball into the deep fescue, Bjorn chunk pulled his shot out of the rough and POW, it smoked the lens of an ESPN camera.  ESPN anchor Mike Tirico commented that the camera cost $80,000, so yeah, it was an inauspicious start to the week for the worldwide leader.  Check out the below video to watch the sideways shot in action.

Bjorn opened with a 2-over par score of 73, but didn’t shatter any more glass or putt into a bunker like Rory did along the way.

Joel Harrington

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