Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar go all Fresh Prince on us during the first day of the Presidents Cup #pshhhh

So yeah, who said this Presidents Cup thing has to be taken seriously.

During the first round of the Presidents Cup, Team USA partners Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar decided to celebrate each winning hole (and there were plenty of em- they won 5+4) with a dose of Fresh Prince handshakes (see first video below).  Yes, that Fresh Prince, like from over 20 years ago.  You know you remember that handshake that Will Smith and DJ Jazzy used to pull on us.   Pshhhhhhh.  Check out a video of the old handshake in the second video below.

Tiger and Kuch are paired together again tomorrow during day 2.  Odds on the next handshake they’ll pull out?  Sure beats a standard fist bump.

Joel Harrington

Tiger and Kuchar’s Day 1 handshake

Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy’s patented shake

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