Tiger Woods to Miss AT&T National Due to Left Elbow Strain Which He Re-Aggravated While Pouting and Moping Around Merion #PostHGHBodyBreakdown

Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers of all-time and THE best golfer ever at visually showing us when he’s hurt has revealed yet another injury- this time a left elbow strain.  

The strain will cause Tiger to miss next week’s AT&T National, which now makes it six straight years that Tiger has missed time due to an injury.

The injury became apparent after Tiger was playing badly at the U.S. Open and needed an excuse so the critics wouldn’t be all over the #1 player in the world for not winning a major in 5 years….oh wait, did I just say that out loud?

Ok, I have no doubts that he is injured (mainly because that’s what happens to post-HGH bodies #breakdown- only a matter of time until this story comes out), but the moans, groans, winces and moping around the course simply are over the top.  How many other players “check out” completely like Tiger does every single time he’s miles out of contention like at both the Memorial and at the U.S. Open?  Exactly, there are none.  Frustrated?  Understandable.  Angry?  Absolutely.  But Downright just-going-through-the-motions and pouting your way around the course for an entire weekend?  Ugh.  Tiger is definitely the number one player in the world at that as well.

Tiger did say, “I’ll be ready to go for the British Open, and I’m looking forward to playing at Muirfield.”  In a fake quote, he also went on to say, “and if I’m out of contention at Muirfield on Friday afternoon it’ll be another weekend-long pretend wince-fest so that I can really fake this injury into not having to play either the FedEx Cup or the Presidents Cup, which I hate.”

The British Open is July 18-21.  Stay tuned folks.

Joel Harrington


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