Tweeter (not Peter) Alliss posts a hilarious list of rules & regulations for Tiger’s World Challenge #TheMediasEndlessTigerLoveFest

The media’s love affair with Tiger Woods is undeniable.  Actually sickening might be the more appropriate term, particularly when referring to Golf Channel’s worship-fest towards everything Tiger.  

That’s what makes the following tweet by @tweeteralliss so refreshingly awesome and accurate.  For those unfamiliar, it’s not actually Peter Alliss writing the tweets (BBC’s voice of golf for the past 40 years), but it’s a mystery British chap who thrives on things that dry, witty and hilarious Peter might say if he were actually on twitter.  Remember that Peter was the one who flipped off a former teacher of his who doubted him during his World Golf Hall of Fame induction speech.  Yep, I just had to watch it again too to remind myself how fantastic that was.

Anyway, Tweeter posted the below list of 7 rules for Tiger’s Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, which tees off tomorrow.  Or, as Tweeter refers to it, “The Intergalactic Tiger World Challenge 2013 California Journalist Rules & Regulations.”  Each one of them just plays on and makes fun of the ridiculous worshiping that the media has towards Tiger (and how he got away with SO many obvious rules violations this year), so yep, get ready to laugh.

Which one is your favorite?  It’s hard for me to choose since they’re all great, but I’d have to go with #4, mainly because of the comment “Tiger’s osciallation (Yes it Oscillated- Wildly) at the BMW.”

Great stuff.

Joel Harrington


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