Vijay Singh Let Off the Hook For Deer Antler Spray Usage

Vijay Singh has been let off the hook by the PGA Tour after dousing himself repeatedly with deer antler spray last fall.  Yep, without any history before reading that first statement, your eyebrows may have been furrowing a wee bit.

First, as most of us now by now, on January 29th, Veej admitted using deer antler spray in an interview with Sports Illustrated.  Deer antler spray contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a banned substance in all major sports leagues, including the PGA Tour.  For the following 3 months, there was this awkward gray period of no updates…until today, when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) provided the following statement to the Tour: “In relation to your pending IGF-1 matter, it is the position of WADA, in applying the Prohibiting List, that the use of ‘deer antler spray’ (which is known to contain small amounts of IGF-1) is not considered prohibited.”  So, basically, it contains an illegal substance, but because it contains such a small amount of the illegal substance it’s permissible for use and therefore, Veej is off the hook completely.  Hmmmm, right…

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem had the following to say on WADA’s comments, “Given WADA’s lead role in interpreting the Prohibited List, the Tour deemed it only fair to no longer treat Mr. Singh’s use of deer antler spray as a violation of the Tour’s anti-doping program.”

To make things all the more bizarre, even despite IGF-1 being on the Tour’s banned-substances list, the PGA Tour does not test for either IGF-1 or human growth hormone (HGH).  Just ask Greg Norman his thoughts on all of this…

Something smells funny with this, and yes, even though it may take an Olympic swimming pool-size gut the like that of Charlie Rymer’s full of the deer antler spray to have any noticeable effect on performance, it still just doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t care that at the time Vijay didn’t claim to have been doing anything wrong when using the spray, as similar words also oozed from Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, A Rod and other slimy mouths over the years.  The Tour has only been drug testing for a handful of years, and Vijay’s wild early 40’s winning run began well before that…let’s not all be so quick to forgive.  Just ask yourself this- is it a coincidence that Vijay was taking a banned substance that there is no known test for?  Exactly.  Who knows how many other banned substances he has poured through that big Fijian body of his.  A small part of Vijay’s legacy will always be tainted by this, at least in my eyes anyway.

Joel Harrington

Even though the Tour deemed Vijay's use of deer antler spray ultimately as no violation, this pic is still hilarious

Even though the Tour deemed Vijay’s use of deer antler spray ultimately as no violation, this pic is still hilarious


  1. Amen!! Watched him don the green jacket live in 2000. So disappointing. Who else is guilty?

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